Gel system

ReformA gel system consists of four main groups, i.e. builder gels, 3d gels, coloured gels and gel paints.
Builder gels include all necessary materials for gel modelling, namely clear, pink, cover and white gels.
Builder gels also include white and cover Easy Off gels with unique properties that help to speed up modelling process.
3d gels include two classical shades, i.e. black and white. These gels make it possible to create any dimensional design.
16 deep shades of coloured gels allow any colour combination and creation of gel designs of any complexity.
Gel paint is a versatile product that combines the best properties of gels like a low odour or durability and of paints with their easy application, shine and rich palette.
Special hermetic UV-protected containers of 7, 14 and 50 g were designed for ReformA gels.
Base and top coats are available in UV-protected 10 ml-bottles with a brush allowing an effortless application.