SMART Clear Acrylic Powder, 400 g

SMART Clear Acrylic Powder, 400 g

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SMART Clear Acrylic Powder is a faithful servant for both beginners and experienced nail artists. It is used to create nail extensions, perform corrections and even make design. ReformA’s grateful clients enjoy not only the quality of the Powder, but also how efficient, easy-to-use and pleasant-to-work it is. Its finest grid allows the monomer liquid to quickly and easily penetrate and thus create a perfect material blend. The entire process is not only time-efficient, but money-saving as well, because it requires less monomer liquid. The material itself is perfectly flexible and the only thing you need after that is your imagination – create your perfect manicure and enjoy it for a very long time. A little tip from ReformA – try using SMART Clear for creating a glass nail – this is our personal favorite. It will also be of use in a nude design, and for a French looking manicure. In order to remove the material after you’re done wearing it, use ReformA’s nail files for acrylic nail extensions. The Powder comes in 20g, 100g and 400g jars – keep in mind that the bigger the size the more efficient the purchase is since the cost of 1ml is lower in a bigger container.



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